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Pushing the boundaries of modern day diagnostic imaging with state of the art Molecular Imaging technology.

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What is Molecular Imaging?

COVID-19 LEVEL 1 Information for patients:

We continue to offer our full range of diagnostic imaging services and medical procedures.  In line with the Ministry of Health guidelines, infection control protocols are performed frequently such as hand-hygiene and surface decontamination.

Support People:

We pride ourselves on producing detailed diagnostic imaging therefore, to allow our staff to concentrate on your examination, we ask that you bring no more than 2 support people (including children) to your appointment.

Symptomatic Patients:

COVID-19 has taught us all how easily viral illnesses can spread, so if you have a cough, a cold or flu-like symptoms please delay accessing our services until your symptoms have resolved.  Alternatively, if your imaging is urgent please ask our Receptionists to provide you with a mask upon arrival.


Midland PET-CT is pushing the boundaries of modern day diagnostic imaging with state of the art imaging technology.

Midland PET-CT welcomes you to our state of the art facility based at the Anglesea Medical Complex in Hamilton.
Our mission is to continue leading the way with innovative, cutting edge technology that pushes the current boundaries of diagnostic Imaging.

Midland PET-CT represents Hamilton Radiology’s move into the exciting and rapidly developing field of Molecular Imaging.

Molecular Imaging represents a significant leap forward in diagnostic imaging, and is rapidly becoming part of expected standard care, particularly in the field of cancer diagnosis, around the world.

In essence, it represents a new way of looking at disease processes not only based on the way abnormal tissues appear on scans but just as importantly, on the way that the abnormal tissues are functioning.

This has provided doctors with invaluable new insights into the way disease is actually behaving within the body and has uncovered a whole new world of further information, allowing doctors to make better decisions.

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